Automated arterial access site management
Our vision is to improve patient outcomes while reducing personnel workload by integrating treatment and monitoring into a novel singe device
Minimize risks,
maximize success: complications needn't be part of the equation
Heal the heart, seal the success, focus on vascular access site
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Optimize Success: Prioritize Access Site Management in Endovascular Procedures

Unlocking success in endovascular procedures demands equal attention to both target organ outcomes and access site management, a crucial yet often disregarded aspect. We are dedicated to revolutionizing medical device solutions for automated access site management, ensuring optimal procedural outcomes and patient care.

Dynamically changing landscape of interventional cardiovascular procedures

The Problem

Access site complications are common and lead to increased costs and worse outcomes

"the procedure went well
but the patient didn't survive"

Around 65% of interventional cardiovascular procedures are uncomplicated, of the remaining 35%, only 5% are related to the end organ, while about 30% are related to the access site, with 10% being major access site complications.

The Solution

Automate access site management to optimize outcomes and costs

Our innovative solution offers real-time monitoring and automated management of access sites, reducing personnel time and enhancing procedural outcomes. Experience efficiency and excellence in endovascular procedures with our cutting-edge technology

Automatic closure device Simpliactive bots & platform

First in class arterial access site management bot

Unique modular technology adaptable for various arterial vascular access sites

Our patient-focused innovative technology

Aimed to reduce mortality

Improving workflow

Reducing costs

Intuitiveness and ease of use

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